• 5 Days Workshop
  • 5 Days Workshop


Prachyo is an effort as well as an enquiry by a group of performing artists, actors, and cultural organizers to promote and support regional, national, international artistic expressions in the fields of visual as well as performing arts. .

Our aim is to create a genealogical and thematological study from an “Eastern” point of view. The word within inverted comma is used in a wider sense.

Our Manifesto

The Endeavour of Artistry is the only permanent and most leathal weapon against superstitious fanatics and blind fundamentalists.

Their weapons could be swords, choppers and guns yet we possess pens, brushes and the strength of our thoughts and the immense power of our art form crafted by our own body, mind and soul.

With time, the chopper may turn blunt, the bullets may get exhausted, but art and creativity will continue to bloom and prosper forever.