Neelima play by Prachyo
Neelima by Prachyo


Director's Note

“PRACHYO” has been presenting since its birth such theatres which are very important and relevant from the perspective of time, space and socioeconomic stands. This theatre group does not confine itself within the national boundary to do this particular job, rather it has adopted and assimilated theatres from the west. Keeping this thought in the first place our new production has been emerged. This is a French theatre by great dramatist Eugene Ionesco (1912-1994). Ionesco is considered and acknowledged as one of the most important figure in the history of avant-garde theatre with all his brilliant experiments of absolute absurdity. But if we study his plays meticulously, we find that he speaks about positivity in a negative environment. Our new production “NEELIMA” (The Lesson) conveys that particular message. The foremost aim and object of the education is to nurture and fertilize fully the tender and innocent mental world of a child and help him to become a real and matured human being in front of the society. But in reality, we seldom get the opportunity to experience that. The education institutions have turned to intriguers to help the other institutions of the state to remain active without any hazards. Here, instead of providing deep insight or knowledge, some light information are given, which is supposed to be memorized like a parrot and thus, in this education arena, it is detrimental for the fresh inquisitive mind to move in its own way.

Thus, the masterminds of these public educational institutions today, are dominating upon the youths in the name of education and are literally rapping them intellectually. The playwright is expressing his modern views satirically through a medium of fantasy at a leisurely pace. At the backdrop of present period of time we find this as extremely important. For that now “NEELIMA” (The Lesson).



Premiered On: 11th June 2016

Cast of Neelima

  • Professor: Gautam Halder
  • Student:
    • Saoli Chattopadhyay
    • Saheli Sen
  • Maid: Rina Halder
  • Professor’s Assistants:
    • Kaushik Ghosh
    • Prasenjit Chakraborty
    • Soumya Mukherjee
    • Gourab Bhatta
    • Sandeep Debnath
    • Sayan Sengupta
    • Saswata Roy


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