Mrityu Ishwar Jounota play by Prachyo
Mrityu Ishwar Jounota by Prachyo

Mrityu Ishwar Jounota

Director's Note

Mrityu Ishwar Jounota – is a Post-Modern Theatrical Treatment of the Middle Class Bengalee Life.

At the Nucleus of the apparent continuance of life, right from its rise till to its fall there lie numerous discoveries that enrich our intellect and philosophical reality and also award a wide curricular of experiences of life.

The game of hide and seek played between the exterior of social life and dense inaccessible part of self-sensitivity holds the inevitable reality called truth and in the process of hiding and escaping truth we keep on building the fragile image of falsehood and as we convey our life amidst falsehood we close the door of truth in one hand in the other construct, using word after word, the tower of relationship and sociality.

The present play demolishes this tower and invades into the primitive ground reality of life which is nothing but my reflection of Artistic entity.

Premiered On: 25th Jan 2017


  • Ashok Majumder
  • Bhaswati Mukherjee
  • Kaushik Ghosh
  • Asit Dey / Shantanu Chatterjee
  • Shubhashis Chakraborty
  • Sumana Kar
  • Priyanka Dey
  • Saheli Sen / Jhumur Saha
  • Abhishek Mallick / Suman Majumder


  • Playwright -Bratya Basu
  • Direction – Biplab Bandyopadhyay